Coming Out of the Country Music Closet

I realize that living in the country doesn’t mean I have to like country music, but I do.

I don’t even own cowboy boots or a cowboy hat, and I don’t wear Wrangler jeans, but I do listen to country music. It’s not that I’m opposed to cowboy boots and hats – my husband and two older daughters wear them – I just don’t prefer them for myself.

The same is true of my opinion of country music. I do listen to other forms of music from time to time, especially when my oldest daughter has control of the radio dial, but I keep coming back to country. I think I prefer this genre over others because the songs generally tell a story – the words actually make sense and often apply to everyday life. Here are some examples:

• Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” uses a centenarian (a 100-year-old man) to tell folks how quickly life passes.

• Tim McGraw sings about living life to the fullest in his song, “Live Like You Were Dying.”

• Rodney Atkins details the influence parents have on their children with his song, “Watching You.”

• John Rich gets political with his song about the recession, “Shuttin’ Detroit Down.”

• And in the current most-downloaded country song on iTunes, Taylor Swift tells of a modern-day Romeo and Juliet in “Love Story.”

Not that these are my most favorite songs – they just illustrate my point that country songs often make a point. And as a trained journalist, I can appreciate that – especially if the “point” is positive.

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