Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

So my health has been an interesting situation. One that has kept me distracted since the end of May. I do believe I’m finally on the mend, and I hope to go home from the hospital tomorrow.

In the mean time, many things have happened in our country life. It was time to let the heifers and their calves into the pasture to eat the grass surrounding our home. Unfortunately, we had taken out the barbed wire fence to plant our trees, and we certainly didn’t want the cows trampling the little seedling trees.

We were undecided on what type of permanent fence we wanted to install, and time was critical, so we purchased and installed an electric fence. The heifers and calves were very curious about the fence and I think every one of them must have tested it out at least once. Each instance resulted in a startled critter jumping quickly away and sometimes bellering.  These “tests” would have made some great video – if I had had the energy to capture it. But it probably would have also drawn negative comments from more animal rights activists, so perhaps it’s just as well that I only have memories of the incidents.

A few times the cow or calf jumped the wrong way and went through the fence. They usually made their way back through the fence, but I think we had to help at least one critter out of the enclosed area. Thankfully, these animals seemed to learn fast as after about a week the fence malfunctioned for a couple of days while we were out of town, and yet all of the cows stayed away.

Besides the electric fence, Handsome Hubby planted the grass seed between our newly planted shelterbelt and our home. He and Sports Girl also planted a garden.

A couple of days later it started to rain. And rain. Even though the mud was a real pain to contend with, the moisture should certainly help all of our new vegetation to prosper. We can already see stalks of grass starting to sprout. Now if the temperatures would just warm up a bit.

The cows were moved on to the next pasture almost quicker than they were moved in, and now they are awaiting their ride to the woods in a semi-trailer. Handsome Hubby’s family has a few different permits from the U.S. Forest Service, and they summer the majority of their cattle in the Black Hills National Forest from mid-June until early October. The arrangement isn’t the most convenient, but it provides an additional source of grass while the family farms for next year’s feed.

We’re still using the electric fence to allow our flock of sheep to graze on a little grass while not worrying about them wandering away. At least now I don’t have to disable the fence and open a gate every time I come and go from home. That’s an inconvenience I really dread, but I try to be a good sport about it. I know how valuable that grass is for feeding those cows. And thankfully, I only have to do it a few weeks out of the year.

5 thoughts on “Meanwhile, back at the ranch …

  1. OH MY GOSH! No wonder I hadn’t heard back from you!!!! I just finally am getting to the point of back into checking regular online news and blogs after the shock of end-of-semester and new scenery. I guess you never had a chance to get down to Boulder – I’ve been gone from CO for a week now, and have been acclimating to Wisconsin.
    I HOPE YOU GET BETTER SOON! YOU just never know what life is going to throw at you.
    TAKE CARE! and your little one, too.

    • Yeah — I haven’t felt up to doing much for just over two weeks. I did do my best to keep the kids and the household running, but that took all the energy I had and then some.

      We actually did go to Boulder — I had just seen the doctor for the first time and was given an antibiotic and told that I should feel better in a day or so and that it would be OK to travel. Obviously, it didn’t work out that way, and I didn’t have much fun in Boulder at all. The weather was gorgeous — better than here in Spearfish — but I should never have gone. Maybe we can go another time when we can actually enjoy it.

      The doctor was just here today (Saturday). She says she will let me go home tomorrow, but I”ll most likely have to take an oxygen tank with me. This has just been an extremely bizarre situation. I can’t explain it. Thanks for your concern.

      • Yes, keep in touch. Glad to hear that you were able to go to Boulder, but being sick…that’s no good when traveling. The “spirit” just isn’t there.
        Get better get better get better…

  2. Yikes! Hospitalized! I really hope you’re feeling better soon. I noticed that you hadn’t been blogging, but I figured you were just busy. Hope you have a swift recovery.

    • Thanks for your concern. The doctor was just here today (Saturday). She says she will let me go home tomorrow, but I”ll most likely have to take an oxygen tank with me. My oxygen level just refuses to go up. But I haven’t had a temperature in several days and I’m moving air better through my lungs.

      This has just been an extremely bizarre situation. I can’t explain it. I haven’t been this sick ever before in my life. I kept thinking I was getting better, because that’s how it’s supposed to work, right? And even now I continue to feel better even though not all my “stats” are improving. But I’m so excited to be going home tomorrow morning! This being in the hospital is a real bummer.

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