Thank Goodness for Grandmas!

Somehow it’s been almost a month since I’ve posted. For those of you wondering, I am still alive.

It took me the entire month of June to fully recover from my bout with pneumonia. I can’t believe how debilitating that experience was, but at least it’s over. I’m still puffing on a round purple disc of Advair twice a day, but that’s my only real physical reminder of my ordeal – that and the impending medical bills.

So now it’s probably going to take me through most of July or perhaps even longer to catch up on everything I had to abandon during June. I truly don’t know how I managed to get by last month when I was so physically limited. While Sportgirl and Handsome Hubby were both a tremendous help, my mother-in-law was the biggest help of all. I’m sure after all she did for me – caring for and chauffeuring my kids, cooking, laundry, etc. – the month of June must have passed in flash for her, as well.

These days even if the salary isn’t needed, many ranch wives have been forced to work off the ranch just to get health benefits. My mother-in-law hasn’t had to do this, and that’s been an incredible blessing for all of us because someone in the family is always in need of her help. From running parts for the ranch to cooking for the ranch workers to caring for grandkids, she is always ready and willing.

And if my mother-in-law couldn’t have helped, my mother would have been here instead. While she doesn’t live right here, she is also always ready and willing to help us when we need her. She’s actually coming out next week to watch Busy Toddler and to help around the house while I work on getting caught up.

All I can say is, “Thank goodness for grandmas.” What would we ever do without them?