Mousetraps – My First Product Endorsement

These traps really work!

These traps really work!

We have caught two mice in our house in the last month. No doubt they were seeking shelter from the winter weather, but that’s too bad. They picked the wrong house.

You see, over the nearly five years we’ve lived here, Handsome Hubby has waged war on more than a dozen mice. And he’s perfected his system of mouse hunting.

We do have a cat that comes into the house, but to our knowledge, she has only caught one mouse in our house. So her role in the mouse hunt is almost nonexistent.

Handsome Hubby uses and strongly recommends the JT Eaton brand of sticky mousetraps pictured here. He’s even purchased some for friends. We purchased this pack of four at a local farm/ranch supply store for $3.99. Upon the first sign of a potential mouse in the house, he places these pre-baited traps strategically along walls or alongside furniture since mice tend to snug themselves up against things as they move from place to place.

He’s tried the spring-loaded traps, and he’s tried other brands of sticky traps. None work as well as these. Few things are as frustrating as when a mouse is able to steal your bait without getting caught or stuck!

The downside to this method of catching mice, is that there really is no “release” option. You really must kill the mouse after it is stuck to the trap.

While I have not been able to kill any of the mice we have caught myself, I understand that it must be done. Handsome Hubby takes care of this task, because killing the mouse truly is a more humane option than letting it slowly die on its own.

Not only that, but if we were to release the mouse back outside, it would probably just find it’s way back into the house. And it might bring friends along the next time. There just aren’t that many other places for it to go around here.

The other downside to these traps is that they really are sticky – and not just for mice. Lots of other things get stuck to them including Busy Toddler and even the cat! These other items are easily removed, although some sticky residue generally remains for a short time. It’s a small price to pay for successful rodent removal!

I did find a source to buy these traps online at The WEBstaurant Store. It’s a bit disturbing that you can buy these at an online store that specializes in restaurant and food service stuff, but I guess I’d rather they get rid of any mice than ignore them. If you have a mouse in your house (or restaurant), you should get some of these, too!